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Personal Development Online Courses is online courses that are designed for people who desire to improve their lives and increase their self-confidence, adaptability, self-esteem and productivity. Personal Development is all about taking time and making an effort to invest in yourself so that you can be the very best possible version of yourself in every aspect. By participating in various personal development online courses, you will develop various skills in various fields like strategic and tactical thinking, interpersonal communication, verbal mastery, self-leadership, coaching, interpersonal finance, problem solving and many more. So, what are you waiting for, get connected to the right Personal Development Online Training and start transforming your life!

One of the most popular Personal Development Online Courses that I have come across is the Intensive Introduction to Interactive Communication (IIC). The Intensive IIC Course has been developed by Brad Jackson, a well known Internet marketer and speaker, and provides a comprehensive curriculum which covers key highlights in the arena of personal development and leadership. The program provides a unique combination of theoretical learning and hands-on application via audio and video lectures and internships with professional consultants. What’s great about Intensive IIC is that it is an eight-week program and is broken up into four distinct sections which comprise the core components which are: Core Concepts, Conversational Skills, Effective Communication, and Problem Solving.

The four key highlights covered in the course are: Developing Effective Communication Skills, Building Validation and Consistency on Key Topics, Learn to Manage Anxiety, and Increase Your Self-Esteem. To add to the efficacy of the course, Brad Jackson provides three different mini-courses which are comprised of personalized video lectures along with a set of graded assignments. I also liked that the course material was delivered through weekly instalments so that you have a continuous, on-going education.

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