Khan Academy Reset Course

For parents who want to give their kids a head start in life, especially when it comes to academics and increased knowledge and ability, the Khan Academy Reset Course is one of the learning tools they should consider. This is a DVD set that helps parents learn how to prepare their children for the future, and this is by far one of the most recommended learning materials available in the market today. In fact, as a matter of fact, there are many parents who praise the academy’s product, saying that the DVD set of thereset course has helped their kids gain more insight and skills regarding key subjects such as mathematics, science, history, and a lot more. If you are currently thinking of enrolling your child in any sort of special education class, then you may want to think twice. These classes are known to be very costly, and you really don’t know how your money will be spent on. This is why if you are looking for a special education program to enroll your kid in, the Khan Academy Reset Course may be the answer.

The idea behind the reset course is actually quite simple. This DVD contains an introduction about the concepts used in the course itself, some sample questions that the kids are supposed to answer based on the answers that they got during the introduction section, and the conclusion part of the DVD highlights the different concepts that were discussed in the entire course. Parents will definitely find this DVD very helpful and will also enjoy learning with their kids while having fun. Another great thing about the course is that it includes workbooks and interactive worksheets that you can use during the lessons. These materials not only make learning more fun for you and your child, but it makes learning for kids more fun as well.

Aside from these two things, the Khan Academy reset course comes with three books that parents can buy along with the DVD set. These books give parents an in-depth look on what they can expect from a good learning program such as the Khan Academy. Although these products cost extra, they will definitely be worth every penny, especially since they will provide you and your kid with excellent learning tools. With these three books, you and your kids will definitely have a great time learning all about language acquisition and methods to boost your children’s learning ability.

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Reset a Course – Khan Academy Help Center

Details: Unfortunately there is not currently a way to reset your progress in a course. However, if you’ve already started/completed a course, you are always able to re-watch any of the videos or re-do any of the exercises, quizzes, or tests. One possible workaround if you’d like to start over is to create a child account to use. unit test khan academy answers

reset progress – Khan Academy Help Center


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